It has become difficult to keep track of all changes I've made to my copy of PurePDF and some of the new changes are based on previous changes. I hopped to have time to create a nice website with examples but I think it might be easier to post the  changes I've made to the library so people can use it  now. Later on I will try to create new examples. 

if you don't have the latest version from ABBKlaus with all examples first get version 2.25 from:



I optimistically called this tentative version 2.26 until ABBKlaus gets up to speed and updates

the whole library.

It should work as a direct replacement of PUREPDF.pb from the Example folder.  You should use a diff program to see the differences in code. ( good to do with any program downloaded from internet )

replace the original PurePDF and resource files with these, to quote ABBKlaus Just use the XIncludeFile method.

updated: Nov 14,2017

Added fixes from the forums try this one on a test program. It shouldn't break anything. use the same purepdf_res.pb file as before



updated: Mar 07, 2017



List of current changes:



XIncludeFile "PurePDF.pb" 
;use the XIncludeFile method
; always use compress. It is the standard now for Adobe and other programs
; see "Tutorial07 Images.pb" for example on compression



Published on  June 11th, 2024