Changed - Feb 20, 2017

procedure.f pdf_getpagewidth()

	returns page width set in pages()\pdfwPt
procedure.f pdf_getpageheight()

    returns page height set in pages()\pdfHPt
procedure pdf_image()  

<added a text field at end which creates alternate text for images default empty. if alternate text is added then an object is created with the text.

<added ActualText string to PDF_ImageStructure to keep track of text.

	currently adding a "BBox" object around images so we can deal with transparency later on.
internal procedure ipdf_ActualText(objlink,text) which adds text
procedure pdf_multiCell()

	fixed a bug that would copy the last char of the first line if it had to wrap before any spaces were found
procedure pdf_sety(y,#True) 

<added true or false to reset x , default true
procedure pdf_link() <Fixed so that you can add mutiple links pointing to the same item. Like when you add a go to first page on all your other pages. 
procedure pdf_save() will return #true if file was saved ( useful for testing in case the file is open and cannot be writen to ) to do this added a "pdfState=3"
ipdf_BookMark(Text$, level.l=0, y.f=0,p=-1) 

<added a page pointer field which defaults to current page but if you call it with a page number then it will point to that page. You can use this to create bookmarks with different sorts, etc..  I need to come up with an example for this.

it goes something like this:

  • create a list() to keep track of the pages where you want a bookmark
  • once you are done creating pages then create a new set of bookmarks based on your list()

	added a #PDF_ENABLE_EXPLICIT variable that checks to see 
	enableExplicit is disabled so that it can be enabled for testing This is just my pet peeve  
switched location of procedure MEM_DataReplace() with pdf_Init() because MEM_DataReplace() needed stuff that was declared inside pdf_Init()
changed the object which is pointed to with "/OpenAction" to object 3 since our 1st page is always object 3, however; the ideal method is to point to another object which then points to a page.  Might fix this later on but for now it should work.

On the works:

	ipdf_ParsePNG() will add Transparency to PNG but currently not doing it
ipdf_putextgstates()  is currently a place holder but I noticed that some pdf 1.3 documents achieve transparency with images using "ExtGState"  so will work on that instead of changing version to 1.4.